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In Build

These projects have completed most, if not all, of the design phase are currently under construction.

Black Horse II, a 29 foot high speed runabout.

Fully cored and vacuum infused with epoxy resins, this is a high tech, high speed runabout for day use along the Maine Coast. At 29-5 x 10-0 and 8,000 pounds, she's a big "little" boat. A pair of 225 ETEC outboards pushes her to over 50 mph -- a speed we expect to see increased a bit more once she's all dialed-in. Launched late in 2013 for rigging and initial trials, she'll get her finish trim and final coats of paint and varnish this winter and be formally delivered for the Summer of 2014.

Adams 36 Sportfisherman

This novel 36-foot fishing boat is nearing completion at Great River Boat Works on Cape Cod. She’s a single-screw, diesel, cold-molded, open fisherman. At 36-9 long and 10-9 wide, she features a relatively slender form for running efficiency and an easy ride. She has the Carolina style sheer line and a good dose of bow flair, yet underneath she’s a full-keeled, hard-chined downeaster in the finest Wesmac tradition. At 15,000 pounds, pushed by a Cummins QSC of 525 hp, a top speed of about 30 knots and a solid 25 knot cruise is projected. She just hit the water for the first time at the end of June and is currently in final fit out and trials.

Wesmac 46 Lobsterboat

We're proud to have penned all of the Wesmac hulls and we are particularly pleased with the latest, a true 46. Previous 46's have actually been stretched 42's. The new hull is proportionately a bit beamier and will ably handle a more substantial load. In addition, the new boat's chine flat design has been revised for improved spray control. The Wesmac hulls are the only true planing hulls available in the lobsterboat world and have become legendary for their speed, ride and efficiency. We think the new 46 will prove to be the best yet.

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