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On the Drawing Boards

Here are a few of the projects we have in development now. It's our policy to invest our spare time, when we have it, in new design concepts, so now and then you'll see concepts here that are available for purchase. If you see a anything that interests you, please get in touch. The thumbnails link to larger images.

Wilbur 37 Weekender fast outboard cruiser

Wilbur 37 Weekender

Developed in partnership with custom builder Wilbur Yachts of Southwest Harbor, Maine, this is a true weekender with today’s outboard speed. She rides on a high-performance V-bottom and features a full suite of accommodations –- island queen berth, head compartment, stall shower, spacious galley, enclosed wheelhouse, climate control if desired, and a large cockpit. She was developed with twin 425-horsepower Yamaha XTO Offshore outboards and is projected to reach 46 knots at flank speed and cruise at 38 knots at 70 percent output. Imagine how much farther that kind of speed could take you in a weekend. You can find out more about her here:

58 Outboard Cruiser

Have you seen all those giant outboard powered center consoles? Well, here’s a high speed, all-weather 57 foot cruiser. With the elegance and sea kindliness of a relatively narrow beam she’s still got room for an enclosed wheelhouse, two staterooms, two full heads with showers, a comfortable salon, and a roomy cockpit. She’s a cottage on the water that will slice through chop at a cruising speed in the mid- to upper-30's and a maximum speed in the mid-40s with three 425 horse outboards. Of course, she can accommodate four engines for those in a more of a hurry -- just be sure you have her properly aimed at your destination as you’ll be arriving soon.

81 ULDB Cockpit Motor Yachts

We've been fans of long, lean, light weight power boats since ... well, forever. This is a concept that reached its zenith with the Wall Street commuter yachts of the 1920's and 30's. Once you've seen an 80 year-old Consolidated 66 slicing through a snotty chop at 20 knots with little fuss while you thump along at 8 knots mostly obscured by clouds of spray, you'll wonder why the commuters faded away. And it's not just the ride, those old boats made real speed on what would be tiny motors by today's standards. Nowadays they call that "green." It all makes you wonder why they don't make a comeback. Well, we think maybe they will, albeit for other purposes than riding to the office. Here's our initial take on a pair of 81 x 16 cockpit cruisers with contemporary classic motor yacht lines, one with raised pilothouse and the other with a great room saloon/wheelhouse and an enormous aft deck. How does cruising 16 knots on 300 hp using 15 gallons per hour sound? Or a flank speed of 22 knots with a pair of 350 hp diesels?

3​2' Bass Boat

Big or small, we love 'em all. This is our third design for this client. BLACK SWAN, which you'll see pictured elsewhere on the site, was the first. Despite being inspired by the Mackenzie Cuttyhunk bass boats, SWAN was routinely fished 100+ nautical miles offshore. This is the same hull, stretched by 30 inches with a trunk and hardtop added. She'll be more comfortable offshore and now has the accommodations for the occasional overnight or weekend. We're expecting a ready-to-fish weight of 7,800 pounds, a 20 knot cruise burning 8 gallons per hour, and a range of 300 nautical miles.

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